The risks of using cheats and hacks

First person shooter games are games with most known cheats and hack engines This is mostly because of the multiplayer feature in these games, which has strong competitive component. After all, competition against other human players is the thing which attracts most players, but in the same time, every player wants to be best, or at least better than other players who play against him at any moment. If we know these facts, it is certainly clear why first person shooter games with competitive multiplayer feature are literally magnet for various hacks and cheats. Over the years, some of the hacks became better known that others, mostly because of their usefulness, but also because of the versatility. Whenever we talk about first person shooter games, most players will remember two or three most useful hacks used in these games. Among them are certainly Aimbot and

Worth to riks using cheats?

Using cheats in first person shooter games

Game moderators are quick to respond to any player report, and thanks to availability of documents which can support these reports it is fairly easy to gain temporary or even permanent account ban when using hacks. By documents we don’t think about written papers, but possibility to easily make screenshots and video clips which can show usage of some hacks or cheats. Even so, earlier it was no big deal if a player gets ban or his account get deleted. You could simply make new account, make new characters and continue playing. Of course, with same cheats applied until you are discovered again. However, in modern games player’s unique accounts became a rule. In modern first person shooter games player has too much to lose when he loses account to a ban. Today, account has all the achievements player got from the game, including unique gear, cosmetics, ranks, and other hard working stuff. But most important of all, almost all games today have some sort of premium currency used for purchases inside a game. This premium currency gained its name from the fact that it is not necessary to use it in order to play a game, but it can provide much better gaming experience and unique benefits to a player using it. Those players are called premium players. The main fact about premium currency is that it can be purchased only with real money. And of course, all your premium currency is tied to specific account. Very few games have the option of transferring premium currency between accounts. In fact, almost all first person shooter games insist on binding the currency to the account once it is bought. This fact along with the other things we already mentioned made player accounts very valuable possessions. Each player is risking by using cheats and hacks. The usual penalties imposed on those who are caught while using cheats and hacks in first person shooter games, especially in multiplayer mode of the game, are temporary or permanent account ban.

Temporary and permanent account ban

As the name implies, account ban is just what the name says: banning the player from using that account. There are two types of bans. Most usual punishments include temporary account bans, which can last from one day to several days, or even full month. Of course, we are talking about bans for using cheats and bans here. For some minor violations (such as cursing words where it is forbidden) ban can certainly be shorter, like an hour or few hours, but for serious violations of game rules (and cheats and hacks are certainly serious violations) usual ban is anything between a day and a week, and even more in some cases. However, in some games with strict regulations, using cheats and hacks, especially if that means money loss to other players, can lead to permanent account ban, which results in permanent lockout of the account, and sometimes in its complete deletion. If account is not deleted, sometimes it is possible to regain it; usually after some serious negotiations with game moderators and amends which player must take. But if player’s account is permanently deleted, there is no chance to recover it and a player must make completely new account. But don’t worry, things are not as scary as it seems. Modern cheats and hack tools are taking these facts into considerations, and every good hack tool has additional anti ban options and features which are meant to protect the player from these risks. In fact, we can say that today’s strength of cheats and hack tools lies in their ability to cover tracks of hacking procedures. It is easy to make good hack, but it is much harder to make it invisible and undetectable.

Wallhack cheat, the basics

First person shooter games are definitely the type of games which gets the most cheats. If we don’t count the single player games and look only at multiplayer games involving only human opponents, we can see that more than 70% of cheats and hacks are applied in these games. From the time of Quake and Unreal tournament, over the planetary success of Counter strike, we can witness the countless cheats and hacking tools developed and released for first person shooter games. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no hacks and cheats for other games as well. We just want to say that using cheats and hacks is most probable in first person shooter games with strong competitive multiplayer. Modern example of this would include Call of duty series and all of its clone games, including the new Titanfall game. We already wrote a bit about cheats and hacks which are most popular in first person shooter games. As top three we included Aimbot, Wallhack and weapon modification hacks. In this article we will write a bot about wallhack cheat, or simply wallhack.

Wallhack cheat

As most of the other famous cheats and hacks, wallhack really exploded in counter strike game. But let’s first define karamba what wallhack cheat is. Any cheat or hack which removes textures from the objects which surround the player so he can see through them and shoot, is called Wallhack. Older wallhack were very simple and efficient. But in the same time they were so efficient that is was impossible NOT to recognize them, which often led to player reports and actions from game moderators, including bans and other actions. Of course, using cheats and hacks was pretty normal thing on private gaming servers, which included local servers which were not online servers. This was especially the case in countries which gained internet later, like in eastern and southern Europe. Main multiplayer way in these countries was to make local networks with large number of computers, including 12 to 60 computers in one place. All game servers in these places were private, very often with cheats and hacks unlocked or at service for users. However, after some time 90% of games were played online, on official game servers, and game companies were making some serious efforts to root out hacking and cheating in the games, and to discourage players from doing it. That was the moment when wallhack started to get hits, and reports. Most players think that wallhack cheat is much worse than aimbot. Aimbots at least give player some chance before he is killed. On the other hand, wallhack usually makes the player invincible, able to kill literally “behind the wall” or through the wall, while the opponent can’t even see him and just drops dead. That was seriously overpowered. Today, wallhack cheats and their use are a bit different. Of course, there is still possibility of using wallhack in the same way as before, but before, players were risking only their temporary accounts so in fact there was no risk at all. Modern multiplayer games have multiple features tied to a single account. These features include large set of accomplishments or achievements which demand multiple hours playing. But most important of all, gaming account today usually include in-game currency which is in most cases premium currency. That means player can obtain that currency only by spending real money. Suddenly the risk of losing the account because of the ban seems like a serious threat, and players who want to use cheats and hacks in first person shooter games suddenly became more cautious, and started to look for quality hacks which can remain undetected and undiscovered for a long time. That is the reason why Wallhack also became different. For example, modern wallhack tools include possibility to look through walls and see the opponents which are hidden behind them, but they usually allow shooting through walls and obstacles only in case that the game allows it. Modern games have large set of obstacles and objects in game which can be destroyed or shot through. Modern wallhack tools use that feature and allow player to shoot only through such objects. So, even when the player kills his opponent through or some destroyable object, it can be said that he assumed the position of his opponent, or had a lucky guess. It is much harder to file a report in these cases as the whole thing is inside the limits of game rules.